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About Idlewild

Idlewild is a historic lake community in northwest Michigan. Founded in 1912 to provide African-Americans with an escape from the racism and discrimination of the day, it was nicknamed #BlackEden because of the natural beauty of the landscape enjoyed by Black people. It became a major stop for entertainers and was a hub of creativity, intellect, and entrepreneurship. Stores, hotels, restaurants, markets, horseback riding, swimming and more were part of the experience. While many of the original businesses, owners and visitors are gone, there is a resurgence of interest, ownership and summer events in the community.

There's a full calendar of events that take place during the peak season in Idlewild. Glamping, music and film festivals, cycling and boating events, and more are part of the line-up. New owners buying and renovating properties are adding to the Black Excellence from all around the country. You'll meet Idlewilders from New Jersey, Las Vegas, Virginia, Chicago, Florida, Michigan, and of course, those born and raised in Idlewild. Idlewild is indeed a special place, but not just a place, a community.

Join us. #ExperienceIdlewild

About Idlewild: Welcome
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